Grafting and Gum Recontouring

Cosmetic Gum Recontouring in Independence, MO

Grafting and Gum Recontouring in Independence, MO - Meiners DentistryGingival tissue, better known as your gums, is unique. While your gums heal quickly from minor wounds, gum tissue will not regenerate if subjected to repeated or serious trauma. As a result, many patients suffer from gum recession.

If your gums recede, the roots of your teeth may be exposed. This occurrence can make for an unattractive smile since roots are dark and stand out. Plus, whitening treatments will not work on your roots.

Gum grafting is the answer to this problem. In this specialized procedure, Dr. Meiners takes a small amount of tissue from elsewhere in your mouth and grafts it to cover exposed roots. Our team will guide you on aftercare, and you’ll soon enjoy a nice, new smile.

Even if your gums aren’t recessed, you might have a “gummy” smile where too much gingival tissue is exposed when you grin. Also, your gumline might be uneven, detracting from your appearance. Dr. Meiners can help with these problems as well with gum recontouring treatment. He will reshape your gums to appear even, symmetric, and attractive.

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