Root Canal Therapy

Endodontic Treatment in Independence, MO

Root Canal Therapy in Independence, MO - Meiners DentistryAt Meiners Dentistry, we understand that the words “root canal” can cause anxiety. However, modern root canal treatments cause minimal discomfort and can actually put an end to some very painful problems.

If you have a tooth that becomes seriously infected, you will likely experience pain. Furthermore, the infection can potentially spread to threaten your other teeth and can migrate throughout your body to endanger your total health. During a root canal, Dr. Meiners removes the interior, infected tissue from your tooth, cleans out the canal, and seals the tooth. This treatment stops the infection and also prevents the need for an extraction, or having your tooth pulled.

Did you know that root canals on back teeth are more complex than those on front teeth?   That’s right, back teeth have more roots and are considered to be more difficult to perform.   In fact, many dental offices refer these teeth to specialists called endodontists.   However, we have good news, both Drs. Don and Zach Meiners have taken additional classes and training and are comfortable and confident on working on most molar and front tooth root canals.

Don’t ignore a painful tooth, swollen gums, or other signs of infection. Call the team at Meiners Dentistry right away at (816) 252-3545 so we can address your infection and get you out of pain.